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The Belstaff heritage clothing brand was originally founded in 1924 by Eli Belovitch and his son-in-law Harry Grosberg. The name originated as a combination of Eli’s surname and the location where the clothing was manufactured in Staffordshire. Belstaff pioneered the use of Egyptian waxed cotton to create waterproof, breathable garments primarily for motorcyclists – both men and women.

Belstaff’s cast list of legends

The list of both real and fictional characters who have sported Belstaff branded clothing over the years is legendary. Pioneering female pilots Amelia Earhart and Amy Johnson both chose Belstaff garments for safety and comfort. Ernesto 'Che' Guevara wore a Belstaff Trialmaster jacket, the brand’s defining design, during his travels through South America.

Steve McQueen was outfitted by Belstaff for the Great Escape, and his Belstaff jacket makes an appearance in the film's famous motorcycle jump – although it was worn by a stuntman!

A bespoke version of the Belstaff Trialmaster worn by Will Smith appears on screen in ‘I Am Legend’, as well as a host of other blockbusters including ‘The Curious Case of Benjamin Button’, with Brad Pitt in Belstaff, ‘Mission: Impossible III’, where Tom Cruise sports the brand.

You can get yourself that legendary status with Stone Menswears extensive range of Belstaff clothing.

The military connection

During World War II, Belstaff supplied protective gear ranging from parachutes to aviator suits and the survival suits that saved the lives of many airmen and sailors. Even Gracie Fields wore Belstaff to entertain the troops!

Belstaff in the twenty first century

The current range of Belstaff clothing successfully combines durability and comfort with ease of movement and sharp styling. The masters of motorcycle chic use cargo pockets and shaped silhouettes for classics including the Belstaff Racemaster jacket, the Belstaff Roadmaster and an ancillary range including slim-cut neutral T-shirts.

Today, Belstaff is owned by chemical company Ineos. The current brand ambassador is David Beckham, who epitomises the brand’s traditional strengths and spirit of adventure.